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Our Story

Aussie Peelback® Inc. is a veteran-owned and operated incorporation that specializes in the innovation of gear and equipment. We are a Canadian-based business that prides itself on all of our products being made in Canada with the same expected quality. We are here to challenge the norms, fight complacency, and give service members the absolute best. We think outside the box and take risks, offering systems that modernize the way we think about equipment and aid the service community in doing their jobs better. Far too many soldiers and police officers have experienced the disappointment of lowest bidder equipment that puts your efficiency, performance, and safety at risk; we offer an alternative and aim to join the ranks of veteran-run companies who fight for you.



Our commitment is to the innovation of law enforcement and soldier systems, improving the technology and ergonomics of your equipment to prevent avoidable duty-related deaths.  


“So you can fight another day”  


Aussie Peelback® Inc. aims to have the MED Plate™ as the issued medical system for soldiers across NATO, giving those who risk it all something dependable without having to reach into their own pockets like they often do for quality kit.


Our Product

The driving factor behind our company is the MED Plate™. The Medical Equipment Deployment Plate, is a customizable and low-profile first aid kit that is installed behind your ballistic plates, inside your plate carrier.

So many other aspects of military and law enforcement equipment have evolved over time, yet Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) have remained relatively the same. A bulky, uncomfortable, and sometimes inaccessible pouch that puts the user’s performance and well-being at risk.

In a moment of life or death, you should have absolute confidence in your equipment to enable you, not make the situation worse. From experiences like these, we birthed a concept of how to redesign IFAKs to be a more friendly solution to a soldier’s requirement to “move, shoot, and communicate”.

Its reliability to carry standard first aid items without compromise, and have them easily accessible at a moment’s notice, was a mandatory part of our design when we set out to create our system.


What’s an Aussie Peelback®?

From this passion to give service members better, came the concept of the MED plate™ and our Motto “So you can fight another day”; similar to the tactical maneuver, an “Aussie Peelback®” enables you to break contact, regroup, and get back into the fight on your terms, not the enemies.  



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