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  • What is the MED Plate®?
    The MED Plate® is a Medical Equipment Deployment Plate, a low profile first aid kit with an assortment of applications. Most "IFAKs" or Individual First Aid Kits commonly share the problem of being bulky, inaccessible, uncomfortable, and in some cases unreliable. Our product works to overcome these shortfalls by being one of the most agile first aid kits in the market. Its slim design allows it to be worn in body armor behind the plates, smartly into a backpack, concealed in a rear car seat pocket, or really anywhere you need first aid supplies on hand where space is limited.
  • Is the MED Plate® just plastic?
    No. The MED Plate® is made of a polycarbonate blend. The benefit of this is the shatter-resistant properties. We spare no expense ensuring the best materials are used in our product, to provide the user a safe and reliable experience. Most cheap plastics, ABS, or acrylics are not suitable for a product such as this, as they do not have the flexibility to absorb impact and can produce fragmentation when damaged. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is 300x stronger than glass and is used as an industry standard for things like safety glass, protective eyewear, and motorcycle windshields making it the safer option for this demanding job.
  • What makes the MED Plate® unique?
    The MED Plate® is a one of a kind individual first aid kit system. It is the only first aid kit, in the market that doubles as a whiteboard, a panel marker, and a splint while remaining completely low profile and concealed within a plate carrier. Sitting at 0.4 inches (Approx. 2cm) thick when loaded, it is one of the most compact first aid kits in the market without having to sacrifice any lifesaving materials you may have to leave behind with other kits. Our system also uses a Velcro retention system, which is unique in its application, as it allows for the complete customization of materials and the least cumbersome method of retention. Lastly, our system is one of the few, if not only, first aid kit that has a mechanism of identification and deployment while remaining completely concealed; ensuring first responders can still easily access your MED Plate®.
  • Does the MED Plate® replace your ballistic plate?
    No. The flexibility of the MED Plate® allows it to conform to the natural curve of a ballistic plate, allowing it to comfortably slide behind your ballistic plate with the attached first aid materials filling the void between. This method also ensures that the flat surface of the MED Plate® is against your torso for a comfortable experience without any hard spots or friction. Lastly, this setup also ensures the ballistic protection of your first aid kit and all items attached.
  • What does Aussie Peelback® mean?
    An “Aussie Peelback®” is a tactical maneuver involving soldiers, using sustained fire to break contact with the enemy, moving away in a peeling motion. This is typically done to escape ambush or moments of overwhelming firepower, essentially allowing you to regroup and regain the initiative on your own terms. Just like our Motto: “So you can fight another day”, the MED Plate®, similar to an “Aussie Peelback®” allows you to regroup and get back in the fight.
  • Why choose the name Aussie Peelback®?
    The name "Aussie Peelback®" to us is symbolically linked to our core product the MED Plate®. Similar to the tactical maneuver of an "Aussie Peelback®" the MED Plate® allows you to live another day and therefore fight another day. Also as a happy coincidence, our owner and CEO has a family dog that is an Australian Shepherd, which became the symbol and mascot of our brand. By nature, Australian Shepherd's naturally tend to the herd, taking care of their own; we pride ourselves on pursuing these traits on our own mission to keep out the wolves.
  • Do you make custom orders?
    Yes. If you have requirements for custom orders, please reach out to us on the Contact Us page. We can fulfill larger first aid bundles for building your own first aid bags or training/classroom kits.
  • Do you ship Internationally?
    Yes. We offer Small Packet International Air shipping through Canada Post, with a shipping standard of 6 to 10 business days. Small Packet - $14.99 Letter - $4.99
  • Do you ship to the USA and Territories?
    Yes. We offer Small Packet US AIr shipping through Canada Post, with a shipping standard of 5 to 8 business days. Small Packet - $9.99 Letter - $3.99
  • What does domestic Canadian shipping cost?
    We offer Regular Parcel shipping through Canada Post (Tracking included and mandatory), with a shipping standard of 3 to 5 business days. Small Packet - $14.99 Letter - $2.99
  • Do you do bulk shipping?
    Yes, however... For any large bulk orders (for classes, instructors, law enforcement, or military) please reach out to us on our contact page, as we will create custom options for you, based on your quantities and demand.
  • Do you accept brand item returns?
    Yes, however... In most cases, depending on the damage or defect you may have, Aussie Peelback® will stand by sending you a new product with proof, without having to return the damaged item. We do not do returns (with exceptions surrounding our Warranty) on PPE related kit or first aid systems, as it can not be resold to another customer. Return shipping is at the customers expense.
  • Do you accept medical supply returns?
    No. The sale of all medical supplies is final and cannot be returned or reused for other customers. This also includes equipment that forms PPE systems, like plate carriers.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Yes. All of our upholstery/polycarbonate equipment products come with lifetime wear and tear warranty. If any purchased equipment product (non-medical devices) are damaged to the point of failure we will send you a replacement free of charge. This also include issues in relation to sizing. **This does not include cosmetic damage that occurs naturally over time.** Return shipping is at the customers expense.
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